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Every scammer leaves a digital footprint. We will TRACK, MEDIATE, and FINALIZE your ASSET RECOVERY with our team of Forensic Data Scientists and Global Legal Practitioners. In 3 Simple Steps.

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At Asset Back, you gain access to a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in scam recovery. Our deep understanding of scammer tactics, financial networks, and legal mediators allows us to develop effective and customized recovery strategies to maximize your chances of recouping lost funds.

  • Crypto Scam 
  • Phishing Scam 
  • Credit Scam 
  • Credit Scam 
  • Email Scam 
  • Binary Options Scam 
  • Romance Scam 
  • Investment Scam 
  • Pension Scam 
  • Bank Scam
  • Others

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We are a community of Forensic Data Analysts and Legal Practitioners, passionate about tackling online fraud. We collect Scammer data and data traces from the Dark Web to uncover fraudulent activities. With over 9 years of experience and $125,400,987 recovered in Scammed Funds for our Clients. Asset Back is rated as the top in Scammer Database and Legal Negotiations.

Our Trusted Approach To Asset Back

Gather Information

We collect all information about the scammer and conduct initial evaluations to determine if the case has the potential to yield significant recovery.

Database Search

We search our global database to find more information about your scammer to successfully pursue your case and track down his location.

Legal Mediation

We assign legal practitioners to methodically address the pertinent entities responsible for facilitating the unauthorized transfer of your assets.

Money-back guarantee

We highly value our track record and are committed to either recovering your funds or providing a full refund of your initial payments

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9 Years of Legal Mediation and Asset Recovery

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